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Rainbow Ampersand

t Member since 08/23/13 \/ G GM of 63 games \/ 5463 Hours Played \/ 687 Forum Posts

I am a GM for D&D and Exalted on here. I ran a Spycraft game that ground to a halt due to real life getting in the way. While not necessarily looking for a player, it never hurts for you to ask me for more information. I do not tend to look for players so much as they decide to find me. I prefer newbies to "experienced RPG players"
because the new people tend to bring less preconceptions and their lack of the GM secrets or overarching world allows me to enjoy their expressions of surprise and elation when battling baddies and revealing larger plots. I tend to run 70% Roleplaying/30% Combat (I hate combat, but it has its place)

I have enjoyed many games over the years besides the ones already listed including Rolemaster (my intro to gaming with dice), Palladium, Serenity/Firefly the LARP run in Houston, OWOD Larping in (Akron OH, Houston TX, Darmstadt Germany), the Exalted LARP I ran at Rice University, Witch Girls and the amazing Mastermaze tournaments held at Rice University, a Rockband/StarWars/Amber game, the massive Tower of Munchkin tournament I ran at Texas A&M, Chrononauts and many others. I have also assisted in running the gaming section of Conflagration in 2013. I also recently started DMing D&D 5E within the last 6 or 7 years. I love gaming and my work always over-assumes the players are awesome, because...well, they usually are.

My hours in which I actually played is an unfortunate exaggeration. Many is the hours I have been working on a game, or have fallen asleep at the keyboard, or watched TV while online which all eats up time. I have even been so tired, I just went to bed with the page open. A realistic estimate is probably half of whatever the number is. I also have spent the last year running on FoundryVTT, a different Virtual Tabletop that is self-hosted and way cooler (Sry/NtSry!)

Enjoys Playing
Cortex ( Firefly, Serenity, Battlestar, Supernatural ), D&D 5E, Exalted, Other Games, Palladium Games, Paranoia, Rolemaster ( Any Edition ), Star Wars ( Edge of the Empire, SAGA... ), World of Darkness ( Vampire, Werewolf, Mage... )