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t Member since 09/27/17 \/ G GM of 7 games \/ 2362 Hours Played \/ 18 Forum Posts

Hi, I'm Alison, I'm in the UK and I've been role-playing for 30+ years. I started with D&D basic and have extensive experience in bespoke system design, home-brew, story-telling, character development and world-building. I'm currently enjoying being a player in 5E on a Sunday night with some great people across the pond but I'm always looking to meet and play with new friendly, diverse, inclusive and fun people. I prefer role-play to heavy combat and number crunching. For me it's about my character's journey, the people he/she meets and not what he or she collects or ends up splatting along the way. I'll play anything. Any system. Any character. Just chuck it in front of me, wind me up and watch me wobble across the map! Into sci-fi, fantasy, more fantasy, movies, writing, geek culture and conventions. Living with game designer and partner (also a long-time role-player) plus one cat and one husky. UK based. Check out my RPG website, maps and generators... Secretdoor.online

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