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I am looking for a long term game on Monday (4 pm UTC - 2am(Tue) UTC) or Saturday 10am UTC - 2am (Sun)(first possible start-latest possible ending)

My name is Philipp, 26 and from Germany. Although at the moment I am travelling through Ireland so I am in UTC timezone, but that might change to German timezone which is UTC +1.

I am currently playing in an active West Marches Community but we do not have games on Saturdays and Mondays. I've been watching DnD streams for about 3 years now (mainly itMeJP and Adam Koebel's Roll20 streams) and I just recently started playing (1 month ago).

I played about 15 sessions up to this point all of which were in Roll 20 and I am familiar with most of the rules as they come up and I have access to a PHB.

The DM's I've played with so far are all happy with me as a player, that's part of the reason why I got 15 games in 30 days in ;) Because I regularly fill slots in unfilled games. I am very good at remembering rules and I do like to play by them to the best of my ability. Even when they work against me ;)

I would love to play a tiefling, warlock. Personally I would prefer the Raven Queen, but I am fine with picking Fiend as a patron if you don't want UA in your game. Pact boon will be Pact of the tome.

As backup character I would probably go with rogue, but I am happy to fill if you need anything specific.

I do have a fighter, battlemaster, a UA ranger beastmaster and a Totem Wolf Barbarian in my West Marches campaign, so I would prefer not to play these classes ;)

I don't really like multiclassing and I will not make use of it, because I think it can get way to abusive way to fast. But I am fine if you allow it in your game.

For character personality I usually don't put too much effort into that beforehand, because I like them to evolve during the game. I go in with an idea but I don't really like forcing a personality I created into an environment I don't really now yet.

I do enjoy the mechanical part (fights and dungeon crawling) of DnD the most, I love the system I love how combat works and the RP is a nice treat along with it.

I am fine losing a character, although it did not happen yet to me, but I came pretty close ;)

I would love to hear from you and join your adventure, to satisfy my DnD addiction on Saturdays or Mondays ;)

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