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t Member since 09/03/13 \/ G GM of 11 games \/ 1443 Hours Played \/ 7 Forum Posts

Grandmother from the UK, always played RPG PC games, quite recently became involved in Tabletop gaming (mostly because my friend wanted me to and I found Roll20 so we could lol).

I currently play alternate weekends with a group of friends and family around the world. In the past we've played:
* D&D 4e homebrew Underdark campaign (I was the healer and worked my way through a drow Cleric Templar and a duergar Rune Priest).
* D&D 4e homebrew dwarven mines campaign (I started out as a hengeyokai ranger, but chased something off into the wilds and got lost, then became a dwarven avenger)
* D&D 4e Legacy of the Crystal Shard (me as DM)
* The Quiet Year (I gave up when the 2 men I played with decided that 'quiet' was another way of saying 'prep for invading everyone else next year' rolls eyes)
* D&D 4e homebrew tribal campaign (my were-bear druid died - shot in the butt by my blinded ally, my human seeker threw gremlins around with her javelins, and my evil invoker didn't get a chance to scheme too much before the group fell apart :( )
* D&D 5e homebrew DragonLance (my high elf cleric spends most of her time getting the kender in a headlock!)
*Dungeon World 1-shot (lots of fun with a ranger)
*D&D 4e transition to 5e homebrew Kara-Tur campaign (me as DM, I'll let you know how it goes lol)
D&D 4e Ebarron homebrew (my genasi monk surfer dude kicks righteous butt regularly)

Enjoys Playing
AD&D ( 1st Edition and 2E ), D&D 4E, D&D 5E, Dungeon World, The Quiet Year, RuneQuest