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CRICKET the Bard.

Bought up in a wealthy family, Cricket was raised in a culture of affluence. He is well educated but doesn't know how to apply that.

Due to high parental expectations and their pressure for him to be great at everything, Cricket pushed the other way, engaging in delinquent behaviour such as curfew violations, disorderly conduct, theft, vandalism and indecent exposure amongst other things.

He graduated from this to other more serious crimes and was charged with robbery with GBH and the transportation of explosives. However, none of this has stopped him as his parents have paid high cost lawyers to make sure he continued to have a pristine record.
Because of this, Cricket doesn’t learn from mistakes and has an attitude of ‘I’m not going to get caught and, even if I do, nothing is going to happen.'

This has made him selfish, with a grandiose view of his own talents (which are very good actually), overly ambitious and neglectful in relationships, louche, decadent, shady, sinister and morally confused.

He is a folk hero.

VARGO SERADA, the Half-Orc Barbarian.

Vargo comes from the village of Cresana, on the outskirts of the Orencia Empire. His family were all military and all have served in the Empire's army.

Vargo had no problem in joining and lived up to the family's reputation for strength and honour. After many years service he left, disillusioned with what he now sees as time wasted. He went back home and has become a successful but modest blacksmith.

During his time in the army, he formed a close bond with a Human called Isir Landrell. They looked out for each other over their time together, but at some point and for a reason still unknown to Vargo, Isir turned against him. Vargo suspects that it had something to do with the murder of a few handfuls of townsfolk about 17 years ago. When Vargo tried to follow the lead on this, Isir became threatening, insisting that Vargo backed down and left it alone. Foolishly, Vargo did and they never spoke to each other again. The last Vargo heard about Isir was that he was now quite high up in the political sphere of the Orencia Empire. But apart from that, he hasn't thought about him for 20 or so years.

Just recently, the son of a good friend had gone to Psyron to try out for the army, but is feared dead as no-one has heard from him. Vargo was asked by his friend to go and find out what happened and to deliver justice if necessary. Vargo initially refused, but it was his good friend's son, so, he relented.

He packed up his business for a while, wrapped up his sword 'Tranquility', and headed out for Psyron, at the centre of the Orencia Empire, uncertain as to what he would find.

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