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Hi, my name's Ciara. I've been roleplaying since I was 16. Most of my experience is in Pathfinder and D&D, but I'd love to try some horror games like Call of Cthulhu or some Sci-fi like Eclipse Phase. Fate and Savage Worlds look pretty neat too!

I'm in the eastern time zone (GMT -4) and generally prefer evenings. Any day of the week is good at the present time.

I generally prefer role-playing to combat, and like to talk my way out of fights. But I do like having some difficult, tactical fights, especially if you throw in cool environmental stuff or a gimmick to play with.

Most of my characters are skill monkeys, and I like being a support role in combat. Especially crowd controlling stuff! I tend to play either humans or halflings or go all out and play a monstrous race like kobolds or kenku.

I'm really good about showing up on time and I'll tell you a few days in advance if I have to be late because I hate when players don't show up on time.

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