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Obsidian Bay Stories

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Here's some stuff that happens in a session - Sister Alonsa's Children
Our games are broadcast on Twitch at:

The lore of Obsidian Bay begins here: Obsidian Bay Stories

Message me on Discord: Dr.Frank n Furter #5285

This is a supported table that anyone can run as a side gig. We regularly stream on Twitch using Shadow . If you are interested in using cloud based GPUs to make beautiful 1080P 60FPS Twitch capture easy for your computer and internet connection, please use my promo code when you sign up and we both save $10! JAM9P3PE

Table Fee $20

Join a group that regularly streams games on Twitch. We can help you get started using Roll20. We run RP heavy games that help players develop backstories using the Heroic Chronicle system and the Marvel Method. Everything built in Obsidian Bay Stories has been built around the characters and the stories that they bring with them. The world that is offered to players is malleable and waiting for them to become the protagonist in it. Creating an original backstory is intimidating at first, but the scenarios that are offered here help players find interesting options for their characters, and develop their own background features.

Produce a Session $50

If you want to sponsor a session for your group, I can run the game.
Your group does not need to know anything about D&D 5e to get into a session and start playing. Do you want to share your love for D&D with your family? Do you want to do team building? Your product can be placed in the game as a monster. You will get a recording of the entire event that can be clipped and highlighted. This model allows the producer to decide who stays and who plays, while the DM runs the game. This is the easiest way to find a professional DM who can maintain the campaign from session to session.

Production Values

The game that I offer is recorded with high production value and teachable moments. Every scenario is designed to help players learn to weaponize RP. Players always get better at backstory and character development through the scenarios that we offer. We work hard to create a game that can be appreciated as a continuous narrative that tells an epic story about heroes on a journey. I consider every single character as a character in a comic book, and I wonder if I can believe in them.

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