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t Member since 09/19/13 \/ G GM of 21 games \/ 5547 Hours Played \/ 1072 Forum Posts

Well met!

First of all, thanks for your successful perception check in noticing my profile here. My name is John and I've had the pleasure of serving as a GM/DM for dozens of different groups, primarily in D&D 5e campaigns lasting from a few months to over 3 years.

Some years ago, I converted a full campaign to D&D 5e by combining two of the most highly rated Pathfinder adventures and weaving in homebrew elements to tie both together. It is called "Dragonrise" and this campaign is designed to take 4-5 players, new or experienced, on an epic adventure from 1st level all the way to 15th level.

I've run Dragonrise for 10 different groups so far and am currently running this campaign for groups each lasting for over 2 years now. None have survived! (totally kidding) Just a handful of characters have succumbed over the years, primarily to rash decisions. Never any TPK's, thank goodness. (Spoiler: Not the best idea to challenge a legendary dragon to single combat)

While utilized infrequently, this campaign is NOT theater of the mind. I've put in an exhaustive number of hours perfecting Dragonrise over the years and am pleased to offer:

📚Roll20 Pro subscription with access to pertinent D&D 5e
👩‍💻Discord server for audio and campaign lore
⚖️A balance of roleplay, tactical combat, mostly rules as written,
but rule of cool in appropriate instances
🗺️Hundreds of maps, most dynamically lit
🔥Some animated elements
🖼️Dozens of helpful handouts and notes
🎶Some background music/ambience and sound effects
🧌Hundreds of monsters, many new or with surprising tactics
🎭Memorable NPC's who may be great friends or foes depending
on your interactions (some have distinct voices until I start
choking a bit from my crazed goblin voice)

I've also added improvements and immersion by incorporating the feedback and experience of the many players I've had the privilege to DM through this campaign over the years.

If you are interested in trying out DRAGONRISE or a 5e published module, my normal rate is $20 per person for 3-4 hour weekly game sessions. Feel free to message me to check on availability or if you'd like to know more.

And if you've managed to read this entire wall of text, give yourself a point of inspiration! 🐲

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