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Pat S.

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Hello everyone. I live in the central time zone (UTC-6) in Alabama, USA.

I started gaming back in the mid to early 80's (around 82 or 83) and my first experience with any roleplaying game was Basic D&D (redbox) and AD&D 1e. I took a short break from gaming (never stopped reading and creating) but soon I was back at it.

The Knights of the Written Word 2 group is a friendly community created for those that prefer written text games or have difficulty with voice games (for physical, mental, emotional, or technical reasons).

As a community we do have rules that all members must follow, we call them Code of Conduct.

We have members that are under 18 and over 50 with many that span the years between.

We welcome people that have no experience, with the hobby or with text, as well as those that started gaming back in the 80's or earlier.

We have a text based discord server where some of us hangout and chat. This is due to many members enjoy using their phones for access.

While we do not run games inside this community, many of the members are players or GMs that post recruitment for games in the group's forum.

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Basic Fantasy RPG System