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Official Nerdbauchery Team

t Member since 04/27/18 \/ G GM of 14 games \/ 1546 Hours Played \/ 135 Forum Posts

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We would like to explain in more detail exactly what Nerdbauchery does and why we think players will enjoy it.

Nerdbauchery is a professional livestreaming production company that will be using roll20 in unison with Dwarven Forge to provide you with a new type of live Dungeons & Dragons gaming session.

What we will do is recreate dungeons, cities and environments exactly to the maps that are in the modules. You may have watched us on our weekly GenconTV show!!!

Are you looking to learn Dungeons and Dragons but can't find a Dungeon master to trust? Or have you been looking to play in a game but it all seems too much of a fuss? Then my friend I invite you to take a look at Nerdbauchery Professional Dungeon Masters!!

Ya know folks the reality is there are tons of D&D gamemasters who all seem to be offering similar services so how do you really know that you are going to get an instructor/game master who really understands the game and can provide you and your friends or family with a quality session?

In my opinion actions speak louder than words and we have worked hard to achieve and surpass the original goals we set for this company.

My company; Nerdbauchery has been contracted by Peter Adkinson; founder of Wizards of The Coast and owner of Gencon; to be the only Dungeons and Dragons show on GenconTV home to the largest, longest running and most successful TTRPG convention in the world!

We have also been trusted by legendary D&D personality, writer and owner of Garycon Luke Gygax to run charity events for WWP where we raised over $1500 to help our former service members!

And of course myself along with other members of my production company have not only been players in their games but have had the incredible honor to be the Dungeon Master for wonderful D&D stars such as Stefan Pokorny, Anne Carlton, Luke Gygax, David Baxter and many more too many too list here.

Our games are also sponsored by some of the most influential content and miniature creators in the world such as Reaper Miniatures, Troll Lord Games, Stattrackers, D&D Creative Table Design and Magecraft Miniatures!!

Playing with the greats has been an honor now we want the honor of mentoring and playing a session with you!! After all at the heart of it D&D is about meeting new people and making new friends!!

We offer games for D&D 5e as well as AD&D2e and AD&D 1e

Enjoys Playing
AD&D ( 1st Edition and 2E ), D&D 5E
Actively Seeking Group For
AD&D ( 1st Edition and 2E ), D&D 5E