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t Member since 11/17/13 \/ G GM of 22 games \/ 6876 Hours Played \/ 232 Forum Posts

I have been part of the role play community on a number of games for many years now. I always enjoyed the experience and thrill of escaping into an enthralling world into situations nearly impossible to imagine alone. Several years ago I started table top with 4th E D&D going into Star Wars Roleplay followed quickly by Pathfinder.

About four years into tabletop we started a campaign called 'The Multiverse' in which characters from every fiction were strapped into a conflict against one another pulled in by the ancient gods. This was our most successful campaign and led into some permanent characters that have kept through to our campaigns today.

Stitch is one such example as he is the character I play in nearly every campaign (I play him for the character not his abilities or powers which are usually nerfed if not removed completely)

I still play gaming roleplay when the opportunity arises more often than not asking that I be permitted to play the character to which I have such a close attachment with. So if your interested in my participation in your campaign I would be happy to oblige or if you would like to be a part of ours we welcome characters of every sort. The campaigns I run are often unorthodox as I favor true character building and roleplay over straight unadulterated combat.

Experience is measured in what you have achieved and not what you have killed. For the most part I make challenges that are difficult but fair and I rarely kill a PC unless they warrant such a fate. As a whole I am extremely active as a DM and am willing to play out solo scenarios with those in my group to catch them up or to have side missions completed.

Otherwise I enjoy having fun with the whole experience and creating memories that will be cherished forever, if this sounds like your kind of game then send me a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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