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Hal Greenberg is a five-time ENnie nominated game designer who is VP, AD, designer and writer for Samurai Sheepdog. Hal has been a guest speaker at Necronomicon, Salty Bay Con and GenCon and has been honored to work with many of today’s leading writers and designers, including Monte Cook, Todd Lockwood, Ed Greenwood, Richard Lee Byers, and Tony Szczudlo. Hal has released Bluffside: City on the Edge for Castles and Crusades published by Troll Lord Games and a new fantasy anthology called The Awakened. He also has a few other projects like Expanded Races for Castles and Crusades by Christina Stiles Presents, and Fall of Man by Samurai Sheepdog a gothic fantasy setting on a ruined earth which should be unveiled at GenCon, and his current projects are The Awakened RPG, The Awakened (book II), King of Thieves and The Edge. Hal is also working with Stan Brown on a children’s book Sam the Hanukkah Dragon. Keep up with Hal at www.halgreenberg.com or follow him on Facebook.

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