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Gaming Philosophies
Hi! I’m Perene (Jon) of the D12 One-Shots, an experienced DM with an emphasis on fun, weird one-shots in 5e. I try to stay as loyal to the rules as I can while still prioritizing a laid-back atmosphere. Regardless of how serious the game is, it's important that they players feel relaxed and comfortable at the table. If we can't laugh at something stupid, it's not good D&D

Players roll within the VTT while I use real dice. This helps me streamline things if needed and maintain the air of mystery that would exist in person behind a screen.

I do not believe in Critical Fumbles, nor do I believe in Critical Failure/Success for skill checks. I try not to call for a roll that does not have degrees of success/failure. You probably cannot seduce the king, but your Nat20 will likely keep you from being arrested for besmirching His Royal Visage.

What makes a D12 One-Shot?:
Named for the first 12 Character Classes in the 5e PHB, the D12 One-Shots aim to bring an extra level of creativity to the D&D experience through a combination of restrictions, extra options, and player choices that will help build a unique gaming experience each time the one-shot is played. Too often I found one-shots to be a little too cookie-cutter and easily malleable to any party without the setting or lore needing to be important to Players. Those can be great games that allow for players to drop in and out, sometimes at last minute, but I wanted an experience that was a little different. With a D12 one-shot, Character Creation is part of the game itself and the moment you read the description of the game, you start thinking about it, and that is the moment you start playing.

Available D12 One-Shots:

Restore your tribe's honor with lots of player input helping to build the structure of the session.

Battle of the Bands with fun instrument abilities depending on what is chosen.

I am currently building, and playtesting one-shots for Monk and Warlock.

Other One Shots:

Heroes of Gotham
A fun, Batman-themed session with some interesting twists in the character creation.

All games will require payment to the Game Master at a rate of <$10 per player, per session via PayPal>. Roll20 is not responsible for any payment transactions and cannot enforce any private arrangements.

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