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Dominick M.

t Member since 07/14/18 \/ G GM of 52 games \/ 23172 Hours Played \/ 212 Forum Posts

"D.M." are my initials and DMing is what I was born to do! I've DM'd 30+ one-shots and eight campaigns. I DM both on Roll20 and for Adventures League at my local store and conventions. The hours played and rolls made above in my Achievements section are a true testament to my love for the game. Take pride in your work and be proud of the respect you are given for putting in that extra effort. Own your mistakes and work at correcting them. In the end, you'll receive something rewarding as big as a compliment.

Real reviews, each from a unique player just like you:

I was really shocked to see how in depth everything was. It's so rad. - 07/2021

I enjoyed [Dominick M.'s] NPC interactions. It's kind of rare for a GM to get that involved in interacting with the PCs, at least in the 5e games I've played. - 06/2021

The use of background music and sound effects was really well done and the custom maps were also much nicer. I've never played with a DM who's policed the map as well as Dom did during our trip through sewers. - 05/2021

Dom's zealous loyalty/research to the lore of a published universe.. just wow.. - 09/2020

Seriously im always amazed at how much detail is in your games. And one of the most Amazing DMs!! - 04/2020

Honestly, it's the least I can do for the amount of work you put into the campaign. Easily the best DM I've ever had - 03/2020

Player 1: Wait.... you mean to tell me you've only been DMing for a little over a year?! NO fucking way lol you DM better than any DM I've ever had!
Player 2: Yeah seriously?! I agree with [Player 1] how the hell...? Did you just hav Skill Boosts along the way to reach your Level or wat?!
- 08/2019

Definitely one of the best DMs on [Adventure's League channel] - 08/2019

I feel like this was very atmospheric and immersive. Had me creeped out and scared to move around. Great job - 08/2019

I really do love this game you've ran for us and think you are extremely talented and fair. - 08/2019

I find that you are by far the best DM ive ever encountered. You are fair of all participants, and are very organised. - 07/2019

Your DMing is impeccable, good sir. You'll only get better. - 06/2019

you know I am really glad to see how knowledgable you are about the world. A big contrast from my usual group. You seem very organized and prepared. I appreciate this. - 05/2019

The mark of a true GM is one that leaves their players awe struck and moved by the session, and the general presentation left me awe struck so you are a good GM in my book. - 05/2019

You're a damn good dm. 04/2019

I just feel the need to point out that [Dominick M.] is the most prepared and in depth DM I've ever had lol so... that lol 04/2019

I think your a great dm, one of the best I’ve played with. 03/2019

No way you could fall short. You're always on it, knowledgeable, and versatile. I bow to your craft. 02/2019

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