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Gary A.

t Member since 08/02/18 \/ G GM of 19 games \/ 5130 Hours Played \/ 219 Forum Posts

Play D&D5E almost exclusively, I really enjoy strong character development.

Current Characters:
Page the Tabaxi Wizard, on a quest to find the origins of her birth.
Virgil the Aasimar Paladin, on a quest to defeat evil and save the world from a vision of doom.
Red the Warforged Fighter, on a quest to find purpose in freedom.
Cloud the Tabaxi Fighter, on a quest to find the reason for his home's undead assault.
Dante the Tiefling Cleric, on a quest to bring light and truth to those he meets.
Sazavar the Dragonborn Bloodhunter (Profane Soul), on a quest to defeat monsters that plague those he meets.
Vauldrin Vargaran the Human Bloodhunter (Order of Lycan) on a quest to protect his homeland.
Grivon the Gray the Human Rogue on a quest to seek his lost friend, and live as he did, seeking adventure.
Damien the Tiefling Rogue, on a quest to learn of his mysterious, unknown past and to face an uncertain destiny.
Jarryn the Transmutation Wizard, on a questo to unearth some lost archeological secret and maybe in the process save the world from a curse.

Enjoys Playing
D&D 5E, Starfinder
Actively Seeking Group For
D&D 5E