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Mark S.

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t Member since 01/05/14 \/ G GM of 61 games \/ 24289 Hours Played \/ 1552 Forum Posts

I have been an avid D&D player since the early 1990s. I have enjoyed entertaining others through storytelling long before I discovered D&D. I was really excited when I discovered the awesome opportunity presented by D&D to allow my audience to become players that can star in my epic tales. I have not only played every edition but dissected each to get a deeper understanding of how to use the mechanics to help create well-balanced challenges that promote teamwork, roleplaying, and immersion.
I run my tables with a bit of an old-school style and may be considered a bit strict by some. It's not without reason though. Having managed multiple RPG games ranging up to 30 people for over 20 years, I have learned from experience what can make or break a game's enjoyability.

GMing Style

  • I mostly stick to RAW. While I may make the typical GM calls outside of the rules, you won't be burdened with a list of homebrew rules to learn.
  • I keep things moving. I will keep players on topic and in-character during games for a more immersive experience for everyone.
  • I won't overfill a table. To maintain fast combat rounds and avoid excessive crosstalk, I prefer a maximum of 5 players. In rare cases, I may allow a 6th, but only if it is agreed upon by every player.
  • I won't run your character. Players will be rewarded for taking the initiative to keep things moving forward. It's your story. I only tell you how the world reacts. I'll give the group a nudge if needed but mostly wait patiently for your responses.
  • I let the dice decide. I don't pull punches or fudge dice. I will let the adventure challenge you and push you and your group to their limits. Whether you fail or succeed, it will be epic. If you succeed, it won't be because I changed things in your favor. It will be your legit victory.
  • I don't play against you. I won't intentionally try to kill your character or manipulate things against you. My goal is to emulate your environment.
  • I am patient. I love having new players aboard and will assist in any way possible. I am comfortable with helping new players while keeping the flow of the game moving steadily.
  • I will keep order. If a player is disruptive to the enjoyability of a game, I will not hesitate to issue a warning and eventually expel the player from the game if it persists. I will not let one player ruin the game for everyone else. We will have fun dammit.
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D&D 5E, Open Legend, Pathfinder Second Edition