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t Member since 09/18/18 \/ G GM of 4 games \/ 3520 Hours Played \/ 44 Forum Posts

Hello, my name is Arjen; Discord ID Arandor#6498

I was born 1975 (do the math) and have been playing roleplaying games for about 3 decades now. Very often as the GM.

I've been playing Pathfinder since it was in beta, and enjoy trying to make a character that is both "a character" (with their own wishes/goals/motivations and an interesting backstory rather than Bob The Barbarian who is yet another knockoff of Conan) and works well within the rules without getting into ridiculous, obscure but "legal" combos that completely derail the game or become "I auto-win" buttons.

Because that's boring. I want the hero's journey. Where they fall and fail, dust themselves off, and rise again to the occasion.

I can and have played pretty much anything. It depends what fits in the group. While I have a "soft spot" for paladins (I know, I can see your knee-jerk reactions right there, "omg not another goody two shoes Lawful Stupid!") I can tell that if everyone else wants to be a Chaotic "Neutral" murder hobo, that's not going to work.

While I tend toward martial-based characters, lately the idea of a full spellcaster (Druid? Sorcerer? Wizard?) been floating around in my head.

Anyway, it's still wide open. Let's see if I get to join your game first!

Cheers, Arandor/Arjen!

P.S.: I am very dependable as a player; treat the game as a priority and not an option; put in effort both during the sessions and between the sessions, and make sure I am on time.

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