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Justin D.

t Member since 01/16/14 \/ G GM of 46 games \/ 7894 Hours Played \/ 98 Forum Posts

In terms of GMing, I'm on your side. My goal is not to kill you all. I want to see you do awesome things, get epic loot and have fun doing it. You want to try something? go for it. If it succeeds, awesome. If it fails... well, crap. Guess you got some kobolds to fight. I like to reward creativity and have lots of options open. That doesn't mean you should intentionally try to go off the beaten path but hey, if you want to, I'm not going to stop you. The sword coast is a dangerous place. Who knows what you might find out there. Giants? Demons? Dragons? All are fair game. So if you want to dive head first into a man eating monsters mouth, I won't stop you. Just don't expect them not to chew :)

If someone says something that makes you uncomfortable, just let me know, we can change the subject right away. DnD is about having fun and playing a game. That's what I believe and that's how I like to run my games.

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