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Erich S.

t Member since 01/30/14 \/ G GM of 54 games \/ 14271 Hours Played \/ 1482 Forum Posts

I've been running D&D games for a long time.

I live in Alabama, USA now after moving from Germany, prefer playing regularly on weekend evenings but can play on weeknights.

I ran 1st edition for three decades before swapping to 3.5 so the "flavor" of 1st edition permeates the campaign world as that is where it came from and has been retread. Some things just don't match my perception of what D&D should be compared to the "watering down" that started in 2nd edition and accelerated into later forms of the game. Necromancer Games had a great quote for their products that I stole, "Third edition rules, First edition feel."

Against the current traditions in gaming I do try for a more realistic world and my world is darker and more based on our reality than the generic cookie cutter D&D world. Also, a lot of the stupid tricks people pull from stretching flawed rules won't work.
This is an open, homemade campaign. It is a very old mature campaign world; what today is called, "sandbox." Many things are in motion and the player characters are not the automatic "Movers and Shakers" unless they want to be. I don't railroad; I made the campaign world and you get to do what you want. I won't stop you from killing the good guys or make sure you save the day. Evil can win and the future is not set as anything can happen. Your player character can win big or lose big. I won't judge you or get in your way. Want to take over the Realm and have a plan on how to do it? I'll DM your rise to power as you crush anyone that stands in your way. There will be plenty of plot hooks and scenarios liberally strewn in your path. It is your choice to ignore them or follow them and the game world continues to move on.

(Also Note: 18+, mature themes and language will be used in game. I personally don’t want to have to watch what I say or how I say it in order to not expose a minor to things that their parents/guardians may not want them exposed to. If you are easily offended by descriptions of violence, graphic language, or sex this is not the game for you.)

Recently working on converting my Stars Without Numbers game to the Revised Rules.

Also have an interest in D20:Modern, Shadowrun, and a few others.

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