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Erich S.

t Member since 01/30/14 \/ G GM of 55 games \/ 14382 Hours Played \/ 1490 Forum Posts

I've been running D&D games for a long time.

I live in Louisiana, USA now after moving from Germany via Alabama, prefer playing regularly on weekend evenings but can play on weeknights.

I ran 1st edition for three decades before swapping to 3.5 so the "flavor" of 1st edition permeates the campaign world as that is where it came from and has been retread. Some things just don't match my perception of what D&D should be compared to the "watering down" that started in 2nd edition and accelerated into later forms of the game. Necromancer Games had a great quote for their products that I stole, "Third edition rules, First edition feel."

Larry Niven's style, "Logical Fantasy" stresses ingenuity more than glamour and comedy more than melodrama. It is informal, sometimes to the point of flippancy. I like to aim for Logical Fantasy when I can.

Also have an interest in D20:Modern, Shadowrun, and a few others.

Enjoys Playing
D&D 3.5, Other Games, Stars Without Number, d20 Modern
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D&D 3.5, Other Games, Stars Without Number, d20 Modern