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Gary M

t Member since 01/31/14 \/ G GM of 6 games \/ 8398 Hours Played \/ 7292 Forum Posts

So everyone has that permanent DM in their friend group... I'm that guy. Good news is that I love being that guy. I run 4e games as often as I have players and spare time. I run a bi-weekly 5e game and routinely go to conventions such as Origins and Gencon to run more 5e games. I love meeting new people and introducing new people to the hobby.

As a DM I'm a huge proponent for playing with your players and not against them. The fun I get from the game derives from how the story plays out, what choices the characters make and why they do what they do. None of that requires me to be the enemy.

As a player I am a huge fan of open choices. That is harder to do on the medium of R20, but I've seen it done correctly and hunt for a game where I can truly expand. If I'm playing 4e I'll want to play at higher level as I've played 1-10 so many times in campaigns that die out after a few levels that I've become a little jaded to it. 13th Age is something I've never gotten a chance to try, but I've read the fundamentals and I'm excited to see where it goes.

Scheduling is the big hump for me. I work a job that is highly irregular, working 0 hours some weeks and 60+ hours the next. My regular home games are alternate sat/sun while the one game I run on here is Friday night. As a DM I have to find people who are able to game whenever, hence my open gaming campaign, and as a player I have to hope for the same.

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13th Age RPG, D&D 4E