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David M.

API Scripter
t Member since 12/16/18 \/ G GM of 44 games \/ 15314 Hours Played \/ 2899 Forum Posts

I have made some amazing lifelong friends through tabletop RPGs. I've been playing D&D since middle school in the mid eighties (Red Box/2E/3E/4E/5E), but prefer the later editions. I appreciate good stories/RP as well as tactical combats, and I love the teamwork aspect and the way classes and personalities complement each other.

I have a handful of api scripts on the official Roll20 repo, have written several custom one-off scripts for users with very specific needs for unsupported or under-supported game systems/mechanics, and am an active member of the Roll20 community forums. I really enjoy problem-solving and helping out folks as a way to give back to the same Roll20 community that taught me so much when I was starting out in VTT gaming.

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I've been asked by a few folks if they can provide support in appreciation for a script or other help. If you find yourself falling into that group, too, then thank you! If not, no worries - it's not why I do this. I just want everyone to have as much fun as possible playing the games that they love!

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Enjoys Playing
D&D 4E, D&D 5E