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t Member since 02/13/14 \/ G GM of 29 games \/ 2749 Hours Played \/ 198 Forum Posts

GM and Player interested in a variety of games. FFG Star Wars, Blades In The Dark, Battlelords of the 23rd Century, Bloodshadows (d6/Masterbook or Unisystem), Pendragon, Artesia, Talislanta, Atlantis, Alternity, Heavy Gear, Jovian Chronicles, 2300AD (Traveller FFE or Mongoose), Traveller (Megatraveller, Mongoose, TNE), Unisystem (AFMBE/Armageddon/ConX/GhostsofAlbion/Witchcraft), Duty&Honor/Beat to Quarters (Omnihedron), Twilight 2000v2.2, In Nomine, Castle Falkenstein and many more.

Enjoys Playing
GUMSHOE, Gamma World ( Any Edition ), King Arthur Pendragon, Mythras, Other Games, Star Wars ( Edge of the Empire, SAGA... ), Traveller ( Any Edition ), Unisystem ( All Flesh Must Be Eaten, Buffy, WitchCraft, Conspiracy X ), Warhammer ( Fantasy, 40k, Wrath & Glory...)
Actively Seeking Group For
GUMSHOE, King Arthur Pendragon, Other Games, RuneQuest, Star Wars ( Edge of the Empire, SAGA... ), The One Ring, Warhammer ( Fantasy, 40k, Wrath & Glory...)