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t Member since 08/17/12 \/ G GM of 20 games \/ 10153 Hours Played \/ 304 Forum Posts

23 years old, female. I've played tabletop games since my early teens, though i'm more of a creator and storyteller- and thus I tend to be a sort of forever DM. Recently, I've moved my projects to non-tabletop mediums to try and create something people can enjoy without the same involvement of time.

I tend to only play text-based games, but am not opposed to voice-based, so long as the voice-portion isn't used for roleplaying, and more to pass combat faster and such.

I prefer very serious-heavy RP games that introduce sensitive topics, and in general tend to create campaigns that not only blur every conceivable black-white line into billions of shades of grey, but hopefully have the players question their own perspectives on topics. I never try to force one view, but rather place players in a very in-between spot where no answer is obvious, and every choice has it's downsides.

I have only played Pathfinder and 3.5e- though I have dabbled in other systems such as Eclipse Phase. I am mostly only interested in pathfinder-based games and am very experienced with the system.

Enjoys Playing
D&D 3.5, Pathfinder