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Teddy F.

t Member since 08/19/12 \/ G GM of 36 games \/ 6653 Hours Played \/ 2824 Forum Posts

I've been playing rpgs over 25 years. I dont like BESM, no real reason though. Superheroes are my big love, started with West Coast Avengers and Iron Fist & Power man when I was young.
I've GMed my fair share and enjoy a good story. Straight dungeon crawls and hack/slashes aren't that enjoyable to me.

Enjoys Playing
A Song of Ice and Fire RPG, AD&D ( 1st Edition and 2E ), Marvel Heroic Roleplaying, Marvel Saga, Mutants and Masterminds, Palladium Games, Pathfinder, Star Wars ( Edge of the Empire, SAGA... ), d20 Modern
Actively Seeking Group For
Marvel Heroic Roleplaying, Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game Playtest, Marvel Saga, Mutants and Masterminds, Palladium Games, Traveller ( Any Edition )