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t Member since 06/21/19 \/ G GM of 18 games \/ 3921 Hours Played \/ 24 Forum Posts

As a Player

As a player I have a strong affinity for the character development and roleplaying side of tabletop RPGs. The antithesis of a power-gamer, I'm likely to sacrifice numbers in the interest of a compelling narrative. While I'm likely not the most versed in mechanics, I do my absolute best to come to the table prepared as I know to be.

I prefer to create characters along strong archetypal lines with quirks and flaws that are consistent with the setting. A base for my characters might look something like a haughty runaway heiress or a timid yet physically intimidating minotaur.

As far as my personality is concerned, my strengths are in punctuality, amenability, and enthusiasm. People's time is precious and if I commit to a campaign, it takes a lot for me to justify canceling or being late. I also make a distinct effort not to engage in out-of-character drama, as it only makes things difficult for everyone. I can be a bit timid at first, until I find my place in the group dynamic, but that usually works itself out pretty quick.

So if that wall o' text was too big, here's the Cliff's Notes:
- Enthusiastic
- Punctual
- Agreeable
- Narrative and character focused

- Sometimes stumbles on mechanics
- May be a bit quiet at first

As a DM

I been a DM for all of three months now and what can I say? I've got the bite. I'd say my primary focus is character development, followed by story and combat. I love leading a group of players through a story — watching them succeed, watching them struggle, watching their characters develop as they push their way through a world that pushes back. For me characters are the focus, both player and non-player. I do my best to comfortably integrate and engage player characters and to keep scenarios consistent with the motives and tendencies of non-player characters. A lot of people talk about combat-to-roleplay ratios and all that. But I prefer to allow the actions of the players shape those numbers, using combat for tension rather than as a grind. I'm always happy to work with my players. I like to stay open and responsive for character help, questions, and suggestions.

Enjoys Playing
D&D 5E, Godbound, Maid the Role Playing Game
Actively Seeking Group For
D&D 5E, Godbound