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My first GM was an older cousin. He was an asshole, but it sparked my imagination none-the-less. My first gaming set was basic D&D in the purple box along with the modules B2 and B3 that I found at a flea market along with a basket full of miscellaneous unpainted pewter minis. Whoever that guy was selling his stuff, thanks man.

I'll play just about anything. I tend to GM more often than play, but that's more out of necessity than preference. I've run games in most versions of D&D, FATE, and DCC RPG, and additionally played in short-lived Shadowrun and GURPS campaigns.

My style tends to be light-hearted and focused on fun and I shy away from power-gaming and drama. I do have a soft spot for dungeon crawls and Old School Revival games however so I don't mind killing a few characters along the way.

I've made a few scripts for my games:

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