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t Member since 08/27/12 \/ G GM of 9 games \/ 1227 Hours Played \/ 359 Forum Posts

Over the past few years, I've gotten into TTRPG's, which was something that I had wanted to try for a long time, but time constraints and lack of interested friends sort of kept me out. Since then, I have taken the plunge and DM'd and played both D&D 4e and D&D 5e with a few different groups, both on roll20 and IRL. I've been a player in homebrew games, as well as played through White Plume Mountain, 3/4 of ToEE, and about 1/3 of Reign of Winter. I've DM'd homebrew, Tomb of Horrors (with some of the particularly nasty bits removed), Princes of the Apocalypse and Curse of Strahd.

I'm always trying to add a basic understanding of different rule sets to my repertoire as well. My schedule is pretty flexible, and I'm nearly always sitting in front of my computer, so if you are looking for a player/DM for a game, feel free to message me.

Timezone: UTC-7 (UTC-6 during daylight savings)

Enjoys Playing
D&D 5E, Traveller ( Any Edition )
Actively Seeking Group For
Call of Cthulhu ( Any Edition ), D&D 5E