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Tiffany M.

Marketplace Creator
t Member since 09/26/19 \/ G GM of 27 games \/ 1864 Hours Played \/ 201 Forum Posts

My asset packs for Roll20 include Solar System makers, Spelljammer inspired planet kits, Runestones, Tracking clocks, map maps, letter and number tokens, cartoon topdown character tokens in many color options, and more! Click here to see.

I also draw custom fantasy maps, check out my portfolio here!.

I play games. I really prefer to play obscure rulesets. Currently I love Troika and Mork Borg, for example. I'm playing Troika and a Cyberpunk reskin of 5e right now. I'd play short term campaigns or one-shots, especially in non-DnD settings, and I'd love people to playtest my own ruleset. :)

Enjoys Playing
Blades in the Dark, D&D 5E, FATE ( Core, Accelerated, Dresden Files... ), Kids on Bikes, Other Games