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t Member since 11/06/19 \/ G GM of 11 games \/ 4165 Hours Played \/ 197 Forum Posts

#SlayersGuildforAdventuring Game Master on Twitch/YT currently searching for players for "Imyher Sagas: Anuin" (Thursday) and "Imyher Sagas: Eleunea" (Saturday. Here is my schedule and in CST as that's my time zone. If you think I would be interested based on my schedule then please send me a PM to discuss, I will not be accepting game invite links without discussing what campaign I'm signing up for. If you are in a different time zone please make sure to convert it to CST to see if it works. If they are on days I DM or are unable to do a campaign then please do not send me a PM. Schedule will be updated as time goes on or if things change.

Monday - OFF
Tuesday - OFF
Wednesday - OFF
Thursday - PC in a 5e Homebrew Campaign (2 PM - 5 PM CST); DM (Currently Full; Imyher Sagas: Anuin)
Friday - OFF
Saturday - DM A Campaign (Currently Full; 12-3/4 PM Imyher Sagas: Eleunea), PC in Alien Campaign (7/8 PM - 11 PM / 12 AM)
Sunday - PC in a 5e Homebrew Campaign ( 11 AM - 3 PM)

Enjoys Playing
D&D 5E