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Little Tooth

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Newcomer to DnD. Likely to run a kobold caster type of good alignment. I love mixing roleplay with some good ol' fashioned min-maxing! Usually roleplaying. But the gamer in me just loves to be on top of things. I never go full retard-err-munchkin though. That's just as distasteful as a chaotic evil DM under critical-fail rules.

Of the four archetypes (The Loonie, The Roleplayer, The Real Man and the Munchkin,) I feel I best fit into the Roleplayer archetype. But I don't like to sacrifice my team synergy in the name of story or vice versa.

But I should put my name on the map there for all you DM's out there. To re-iterate, I'm of the roleplay archetype that likes running a little kobold alter ego of mine to use her personal history (A dragonwrought kobold of metallic blood, tormented and near-executed by her tribe of Tiamat and Kurtulmak worshippers,) and tailor it in a way that fits the group. As much as I hate to see the poor little thing get hurt, Danger is the name of the game in DnD. I aim to win - but not by violence but by survival. Any fight that you can crawl away from means you won it. Any fight where you walk away befriended is the perfect victory!

With that said, I am looking for roleplay-friendly groups. Particularly run by literal or honest DM's that are well versed in the mythos of the draconic pantheon. Particularly because, well, she's a kobold. And what makes a kobold go gaga more than the approval of a dragon?

What I am NOT looking for is a killer DM who treats his group as a zero sum game between player and master. If you offer me this, I'd rather use a rogue joke character. Since the GM has the ability to kill off the entire party at will at any time, his "winning" such a battle is hardly an accomplishment. (Just had to throw that out there. I've inquired with a few and they were all creepy people :P)

Player wise, I'm high strung and a little serious. But this is a double edged sword - Which also means I actually care about my party unit and play achieve in world success, both for story and in the name of W00tL00tXP! Contrast that to the chaotic evil infected guy who enjoys cursing and diseasing teammates for a sick personal kick.

Oh, and do spare me of the critical fail houserule. It's frustrated me on both ends XD. Victories feel hollow and awkward while actual critical failures are a catastrophic source if irritation, compared to say, orc #7 fumbling his spear.

That said, if your world is very dragon oriented and has metallic dragons she could idolize, PLEASE contact me! I'm bound to make your game interesting! I will often run this kobold as a DragonFire Adept, A cleric that worships Bahamut/Tamara, or a tank of tactical and other draconic themed means.

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