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Aimee F.

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"It's a long story. What it comes down to, I don't think much of Lisa's fiancé. His name is Chet." I paused for a moment, thinking of how my sister's life might sound to someone outside my family and from another country. "My sister hasn't had the best luck with men . She's had her heartbroken. All through high school, she had a boyfriend. Tom and she were inseparable. Everyone figured they were going to get married. Then Lisa went off to college, and Tom decided to stay here. They were doing the whole long-distance thing and seemed like it was working for them. But then when she came home for spring break, she caught him cheating on her. Lisa was utterly devastated. I was just a freshman in high school, and I never saw her so upset."

"It took time, but Lisa moved on. She had a few relationships in college, but nothing stuck . After graduation, Lisa threw herself into her job. That's how she met Chet. He's the big advertising exec at her firm. He swooped in and has been all suave and romantic. It's like a dream come true for Lisa. But to me, Chet is a..." I stopped and asked Zoey, "My French isn't all that great. What's the word for douche-bag in your country?"