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t Member since 03/03/20 \/ G GM of 14 games \/ 3476 Hours Played \/ 56 Forum Posts

Who is d20Tavern?

I have been loving this game in it's various editions for 15 years now. I have DMed 3.5, 4, Next (5 except it was during playtesting), and 5e over the years. I have DMed for nearly that entire time, with the stint here and there as a player character. I've even played as a few (quite a few) PCs during a trip through the infamous Tomb of Horrors module that ToA is roughly based on.

At my table, I like to have a good mix between roleplay, exploration, and combat when I am behind the screen. So you can expect a good mix of them all. I love doing voices for my PCs and NPCs, but do not require it of anybody I am playing with. I tend to side on the "Rule of Cool" rather than "Rules as Written" when something is murky. I'm not going to waste your time at the table by looking something up, rather than just making a ruling and double-checking later.

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