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A little about me:

I have been an avid gamer and Fantasy/Science Fiction/Horror fan as long as I can remember. I have been playing RPGs since 1987 and have been running games since 1994. Moving around a lot has always put a heavy impact on our groups so to find Roll20 has been a awesome thing since no matter where you are, you can meet up and play/run a session. I have been a member of the Roll20 community for over a year now and intend on staying that way. Currently, I'm running 3 on-going Campaigns in the D&D 5E Rule set and a Vampire: The Requiem Chronicle as well as Geist: The In Eaters Chronicle.

On top of RPG games, I also play a lot of tabletop games such as Arkham Horror, Tannhauser, Mansions of Madness, Eldritch Horror, MTG: Arena of the Planeswalkers as well as Card Games as well like MtG, CoC LGC, Spellfire, Vampire, and others both new and old..

One of the greatest things I enjoy with Roll20 is the API Engine/Scripting. It brings out something that we have not seen in your standard Pen and Paper games until the digital age. Things like triggering a trap when the character steps over it, randomizing tables, timed functions, powercards, and just on and on and on... I think it is such a valuable thing now (at least with my group) that we could not turn back now after using it. I have been a paying member since I looked in to the API and dynamic lighting functions well over 2 years ago now.

I always seem to be the Storyteller aka DM aka GM and I do not mind that at all as that is what I truly enjoy doing with RPG campaigns/settings. Running them and making the scenery come to life for the players to bring out their lives of their characters. This is something very important to me in tabletop. It's more than a RPG that you picked up from a store and play on your PC. There is no preset script per se, things change with the questions asked and people spoken to. Its truly a exercise in make believe...or...acting rather. Taking on the life of your character. From paper and pen and fleshing out a whole existence and breathing that life into them. It's something, I feel, you cannot experience anywhere else, but in a good RPG session.

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