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Red River Gaming

t Member since 09/18/12 \/ G GM of 24 games \/ 4422 Hours Played \/ 113 Forum Posts

Hello, My name is Andre, 37 Years old with over 25 years of experience playing a variety of tabletop RPGs. My love of Dungeons and Dragons began as a small child when I fell in love with the fantasy genre, reading the Hobbit and Lord of the rings, followed by the old D&D novels (The Dark Elf Trilogy and the Dragonlance chronicles are the first two I remember) far before my reading comprehension was at a level to completely process them. I then was fascinated by the advertisements I would see in comic books for D&D materials, but it wouldn't be until my early teens that I would have my first proper encounter with Dungeons and Dragons.

Most of my experience with Dungeons and Dragons has been as a DM, at first through necessity (as someone had to run the games, and I was usually the one to get the games together) then through a genuine love for guiding my friends through a story of heroic deeds and nefarious plots.

I do my best to bring the world to life through vivid descriptions and memorable NPC interactions. Voice acting is not my strong point, but a character is more than just a funny voice. Through mannerisms, word choice and cadence, I try to make my NPCs (both friendly and antagonistic) feel alive, and not just passive sources of plot hooks, gear or challenges. I strive for a healthy balance between role play and combat scenarios, and while certain sessions or sections of the adventures may lean one way or the other, I feel that both are integral components of the Dungeons and Dragons experience.

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