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I only recently started using Roll20 during the recent quarantine.

But I used to play D&D 3.5 for a few years but switched to D&D 5 a few years back. I have DMed in both versions a few times and have come along way in that. I love to play too but in my area it's hard to find a group willing to play or open their group to a new group member. I did find a group but not one where I can play, I'm DMing right now.

I like to play for the character development. The hack and slash of combat only play is fun for a session or two but can get boring with all the grind. I like the roll play too, but it also can get boring. Same with the exploration. So I like a well rounded exploration, combat, and roll playing game. Especially when I get to develop my characters back story and current situation.

I run anything really, but I really enjoy running a campaign for the character development of my players. I add home-brew to my campaigns to help the players develop their character and their story all from what they tell me about their characters history.

I have DMed both new and veteran players, and they all said they enjoyed themselves.

Just here to have some fun, I'm looking for games but not seriously (DMing takes a lot of the time I do have), and maybe a few pointers about how to use the Roll20 platform. Thanks!

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