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t Member since 07/12/14 \/ G GM of 15 games \/ 8061 Hours Played \/ 321 Forum Posts

The number one question I get asked is about my name. It was given a lot of thought before I used it as an alias for online use. It conveys a lot of details about who I am, and what I am proud to be. I am a Kiwi and I am gay. For those that do not know, a Kiwi is both a [very cute, but fierce] flightless bird native to New Zealand and is also a positive slang word used to describe a person born or living in New Zealand. It's a positive slang because it's not insulting to call a Kiwi a kiwi even if they are the bird or the human type*.

I enjoy playing Tabletop games, I have played more Pathfinder than any other system, but have experienced both D&D 5e and have had one session in Star Trek Adventure [while it was in beta] and own the PDF now as a result.

I have written up more information on my wiki page available on Roll20.

I am activally looking for a more serious Pathfinder and 5e campaign home. Looking for a safe space to play Star Trek Adventures with and a great fan Shield of Tomorrow and Vast. Thou the Captain of the USS Sally Ride talks too much, but I enjoy it regardless.

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