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DM Farstar

t Member since 08/06/14 \/ G GM of 33 games \/ 9632 Hours Played \/ 8 Forum Posts

I am a charismatic, battle hardened veteran gamemaster and storyteller with over 16 years worth of XP running campaigns in a variety of RPG tabletop genres as often as three different campaigns each week with as many as 13 player characters.

I am seeking to be hired for my services and feel confident in charging to run any of the following systems: Pathfinder, Starwars: Saga Edition, Starwars: Edge of the Empire, Age of rebellion, Force and Destiny, and a home-brew tabletop Pokemon system. Any of these I can run pre-written modules or custom settings with my own embellishments etc. Prices vary upon requests PM for details, payments received via Paypal.
All players will have a live interview with me before the game's players are cast. I reserve the right to not pick a player merely because of group dynamic, if there are 3 super creative role-players who want a social campaign about a fey court politics it would probably not work to add the player who wants to play a frenzied murderhobo who can't speak. (but who knows? ;-)

My Top Defining DM Views:

  1. The group is here to have fun, that's my job. (yours too in a way)- Fun doesn't mean easy, it doesn't mean everyone will always survive, it doesn't mean you can throw a fit and get your way. It means that I as DM will do everything I can to keep it exciting and engaging for the whole group as should you. Attempts to upstage others and always be the center of attention are unwelcome. This is a team experience.

  2. Choices and consequences matter and will be followed through to the fullest.- You are a sexy calistrian priestest who does her observances daily for her profession skill? Great! rolls pregnancy chance, you earn 10 SP, DM grins at player. Consequences are what make a campaign great, they are the results of the seeming choices that define worthy characters. This encompasses fatal consequences as well.

  3. The story is of the utmost importance.- While a dungeon crawl has its place, I will never run a campaign solely dedicated to combat. Even war campaigns will place you in front of a court martial to explain your war crimes, or a senate to rally support to your cause. You bards and other Charisma based characters will have plenty to RP with here in any setting. (A note on my style: I will ask you to role play your conversations and roll d20 to determine effect with significant bonus if you speak convincingly. I know this sometimes intimidates people so speak to me about it. But beware the word I may put into your character's mouth if you let me speak for you.

  4. Rules-as-written (RAW)- However these are MY interpretations of RAW based on my extensive research on the topic and understanding of what the campaign needs. I usually pause whatever we are doing for 2 to 3 minutes and look it up. I may arbitrarily rule something on the spot to facilitate progression, and then we can discuss it when the scenario is over. I will never give you the reason "Because I said so." or "Because I'm the GM." I'll explain why I ruled the way I did.

  5. Creativity! I am not a machine- You know why tabletop games are superior to video games? Because you have a DM able to adapt to your creativity. Lure that guard into a portable hole filled with an ooze! You know what really bothers me? Players that get bored when they are out of combat and do whatever they can to get back into it. Go play a hack-n-slash if all you care about is kill count. That is NOT what I am here for. Players will find plenty of combat in my campaigns as it is, don't worry. I discourage creation of characters with nothing to do out of combat. If you feel you can walk away from the computer until the next fight you should seek a different DM.

  6. Respect my time and efforts to entertain you.- I will be putting in hours of prep time, if you cannot make it to this weeks session, I better know that at least 24 hours before we roll dice. If you know you will be late and can tell me, wonderful. A no show without prior communication by any player will be charged as a attended session. I'm not a jerk but don't take the slot in my campaign and miss sessions when others wanted to play. It is just rude. I understand life happens and can adapt, but I need to be told beforehand telling me after the fact won't change anything.

STR – My campaigns have created a following of players that keep players talking about it all week on social media. As a power gamer in many respects I can create enemies and villains of such magnitude to contrast your mythic power gaming characters.
DEX – I have the uncanny ability to take the unexpected from my PCs and change the story to fit their decision pathways with relevance to the story. I recognize that while my campaign may be written one way, my players are the driving force and their decisions should make meaningful changes to the story.
CON – I have the ability to stay focused and run campaigns weekly over a year with attention to detail and the necessary preparation to anticipate the unexpected. Life events do happen, but I rarely cancel a game of my own accord, I can continue games without players if need be in most circumstances. I can handle power gamers.
INT – I have a vast knowledge of gaming and game systems in many different genres. I also have the background in LOTR (including the Silmarillion,) StarWars, StarTrek, Mistborn, Marvel comics, world history . . . that allow me the content to draw from to make exciting stories that have relevance.
WIS – I take into consideration the needs of my players, introducing plot points that resonate or help them to grow in reality. I see consequences of player actions through to the end, allowing for meaningful decision-making. As a Dm I know when rules should be creatively interpreted to keep the game fun and moving forward. I recognize that overall, my job is to make sure people are having fun, my players elect to spend their time in my world and story, if they aren’t enjoying themselves I am doing something wrong. There are no secrets on how to be a successful DM, just experience and willingness to be one.
CHA – My presence on screen and on stage is commanding. With training in the theatre, my personification of characters is convincing, memorable and engaging. I am approachable; when my friends have sought guidance from me as a DM I have shared my knowledge and experience with them freely. When approached with questions about rules I help others see the source material in the way that I do, then pronounce the ruling based on my perspective, leaving the ultimate ruling up to the DM of the campaign.

It has been asked of me to explain the role Sex has in my campaigns. Simply put, it is a real world motivation that cannot be ignored. Many character interactions will be skewed based on compatibility and attractiveness. I make no attempt to remove this from my games. However, in your attempts to seduce the bar wench, if it has no meaningful influence on the story it will likely be brushed to the side, or implied your character does things off screen with no description. I do not nor will I ever host Erotically focused campaigns. With that in mind I do request all players be at least 18 years or older.

Enjoys Playing
D&D 3.5, D&D 5E, GURPS, Pathfinder, Star Wars ( Edge of the Empire, SAGA... )