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About the Campaing:
-I am a fairly new DM with a slight hint of classic tendency offering a game for those who aren’t searching for that fast paced Campaing where players choose shapeshifters, birds, and kung-fu pandas, before powering through a story line to get it done for a fairytale ending.
-Rather I run a Campaing that is typically more serious in tone, with an slower than average leveling process, where exploration is dangerous, and caution and preparation are as valuable as a sharpened blade.
-Team tactics, planning, preparation and what your character thinks and says means something.
-You aren’t going to just win over the hearts and minds of NPCs just because you rolled very high on your persuasion skill check. Nor is every monster going to try and slay you on sight but, may rather accept an accord if you allow for a logical and witty offer, where from the point of view of the monster it shouldn't refuse the benefits.
-I don’t run a linear game but rather allow the players to do as they wish in a more open sandbox/free compass style, for me, you are the protagonists of whatever story unravels, just remember that in order for any plot to exist, you should, at least once in a while, bite on some plot hook or another.

About the World:
-I run a bit of a gritty, consecuence oriented, savage world, sprinkled with the misteries of old ruins, the influence of powerful monsters, the corruption of opportunist demons, the demands of inefable gods, and the machinating politics of warring kingdoms.
-The world of Alden is a plane where things are happening, antagonists are trying to fullfill their ambitions and potential allies would be trying to stop them, but also you, as players should have ambitions, and ideas on what you wish to accomplish.
-In this world I run my own created campaigns and also WoTC and Dms Guilds purchased ones. However they are all integrated to the world mostly seemlessly, which means that I apply my own creativity in areas of purchased games that I feel are lacking or may cause incredible boredom and sleep time, that means that even if you do something too out of the box for the standard campaing, this one will just go on.
-Only 9 races (Human, Dwarf, Elf, Halfling, Gnome, Orc, Tiefling and Dragonborn) are present in the material world and there are not half-races (you may play a full orc with the same mechanics as a half-orc or an elf with the same mechanics as a half-elf, but for the setting you would be just plain full orc or full elf).
-Magic items aren’t super rare but aren’t sold on the open market like fruit or smithing equipment either. Hence, they exist but are hard (or pricy) to come by.
-Levels will be gained at a slower rate, I found that this makes for a more interesting plot and story pace.
I apply experience points for mission sucess, but I don't really mind the way you get to it.
However, bear in mind that character XP won’t be buffed just to get players to a survivable level for whatever you are facing, this means that without proper preparation you could get in over your head.

Not all of the work of making the campaing fun is laid on the DM:
-I would need a backstory from you, the players. The character's story will be intertwined with the fate of this world. I can fill in the names of towns, monsters, geographic locations, kings and Gods but you will have to give me something to work with.
Your characters start not as heroes, but as adventurers, that means that their most heroic feats should be in the campaing going forward, not in their backstory.
Of course I am not asking for a character set in stone, Characters grow throughout a campaing, their backstory included!
-Eventually the group would probably become famous because of their feats, so you would need to come up with a name.
And you may end up with enough money to make a base for the adventuring party, a castle, a mage tower, a temple, a druid grove, and be able to train armies, create your own spells, sew your flag, why would you let me design all of it for you?
-Read your spells and abilities, and remember your backstory.
I would memorize and handle the ins and outs of abilities, history, nature and personality of every monster you will face, the heriarcy of the noble houses, the history and description of every region, don't make your fellow players wait while you read your spells when is your turn in battle.

Social Contract:
-We all wish for that group that is fully commited, plays always together at the same hour and never misses a session, but life happens, so once in a while someone may not be able to be in a session, and that is ok, some GMs play that player's character, I prefer if we do not play that session and just reprogram for next time, we will be speaking via discord, so a brief conversation in the general text channel can be enough to reprogram or cancel until next session.
-Lastly, all kinds of violence are common in the world of Alden, and the people who live in it are aware that it exists. However, I would prefer that sexual violence does not originate from the player characters. It exists in the world? yes, would I describe it or allow it as a path of action of the player characters? no.
Why? Personal preference honestly, this is a fictional world, and we can do with it whatever we want, why not remove whatever part we do not like? Some DMs remove the floor and gravity and make an entire campaing with flying characters in the Air plane, I remove sexual violence.

So, If you managed to get to the end of the BLOCK OF TEXT I just wrote and this framework of a campaing sounds like your cup of tavern tea, then fasten up your sword, pull up a chair, and hit the apply link.

What do you think you enjoy in D&D:
Any comment/question:

See you on session 0.

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