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t Member since 03/27/20 \/ G GM of 34 games \/ 4804 Hours Played \/ 222 Forum Posts

I have been roleplaying for 40 years. I started with 1st edition D&D and have played all the editions. (4e is my least favourite). I have also played Gamma World, Heroes Unlimited, Traveller, Mega Traveller, Shadowrun, GURPS, Middle Earth, D20 Heroes, and a few home brew things.

I have been a GM/DM for about 30 years. I have run D&D, Shadowrun and Traveller games. D&D is my favourite RPG followed by Traveller. I am branching out into Esper Genisis, 5e rules set in a sci Fi campaign.

Due to the COVID stuff I started venturing into playing online. Now I run several games a week and have also studied and gained a qualification as a Therapeutic Game Master and Geek Specialist through Geek Therapeutics. I love Roll20 and all the amazing stuff it can do.

About me: Male (He/him), living in Australia (GMT +11), loving family man with many kids and pets.

Currently running:

The DM Fad - Weekly free discussions on how to be a better DM for D&D5e in Roll20.
Join the game to get the Discord link.

Beeringlade - A home-brew campaign set in Faerun played with my family and friends only.

Current running Pay-to-Play adventures:

Tomb of Annihilation - A long campaign set in Faerun in Chult. After curing the world of the Death Curse the character have set about returning Mezro. As at Feb 2024 has been going for 143 sessions.

Icewind Dale Revisited - Just started this campaign in the far north of Fearun. I have expanded the book to take you all the way to level 15 instead of 10. Running every week. Enquire if you would like to join, there are spots available.

Underworld specs - A one-shot set in Waterdeep running every week for different players each week.

Keys from the Golden Vault. A game of heists, stealing for the greater good.

Completed campaigns:

Dragon Essentials Kit - A long campaign set on the Sword Coast that ran weekly for 89 sessions. After they had finished with the dragons they were transported to another plain to battle celestials and deamons/devils, taking them all the way to level 20.

In development:
Temple of Elemental Evil - an adaption of the classic adventure to 5e returning characters back to the world of Greyhawk and the village of Hommlet and surrounds. This is starting April/May 2024. Let me know if you want to join.

Esper Genisis. 5e rules for a Sci Fi game. Possibly starting in the second half of 2024.

Enjoys Playing
D&D 5E, Esper Genesis, Gamma World ( Any Edition ), Traveller ( Any Edition )
Actively Seeking Group For
D&D 5E, Esper Genesis, Gamma World ( Any Edition ), Traveller ( Any Edition )