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Started playing AD&D with my brother in the summer of '78. Had been given the Players Handbook as a gift earlier. Not sure when, late '76 or sometime in '77. Tried real hard to figure out the book, but it didn't make any sense. Getting to play with my brother for a couple months over a summer visit was just the ticket.

Enter Zob, the halfling thief....who never stole anything and in angry frustration, my brother changed Zob's class to magic-user. He topped out at 3rd level. I kept that character for over 10 years...I may still have it, somewhere in storage. My second character was a elven cleric by the name of Vondel.

Yeah, understanding the rules and READing the rules when you're 11. Well, I bet you've been there too.

Since then? The list is long, but suffice to say I've played every genre except the Wild West (Boothill). The top three? AD&D, Traveller, Champions.

So there you are, the abridged version. Seeya in game!

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