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I enjoy character-driven and narrative aspects of tabletop role-playing. When combat occurs, I like it to have cinematic flair as apposed to feeling like a mini-game where role-playing is paused. Grit and visceral description is my go-to.

I believe a good GM is one that develops a story around the PC's and their individual actions, as apposed to following a linear script within a module. I also like GMs that give occasional control of the narrative to their players as this further colors the world and story being told.

I prefer to role-play non-standard characters, that have non-typical characteristics. Though a common theme with my characters is they are ambitious and goal orientated. This usually has me playing the face\diplomat\leader\bard within a particular group.

I usually interchange my role as GM and player, as I enjoy both.

When I do run a game, I prefer a sandbox, impromptu style of campaign that takes place within a well defined world. I believe a good story is dictated by player agency and action. As such, I usually have high expectations in role-playing and demand involvement from all players. This immersive approach allows the player characters to grow in a world they are wholly part of and are able to influence.

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