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t Member since 04/03/20 \/ G GM of 41 games \/ 8236 Hours Played \/ 287 Forum Posts

"If they think you're crude, go technical; if they think you're technical, go crude. I'm a very technical boy. So I decided to get as crude as possible." -William Gibson

I am a roll20 DM. Look at all my little achievements.


Remember: specific rule overrides general rule, and when in doubt, see rule 1.

  1. GM is arbiter.
  2. Be decent and respectful to other players. Don't act against your party, even with evil parties.
  3. Voice chat on Discord. Please remember to disable your voice and video in roll20.
  4. No sex, no creepy stuff. I typically run pulpy action-adventure. Overt romance will take the form of "the camera pans over the to fireplace," and we move on with the quest.
  5. No religion or politics, keep it friendly.
  6. Swearing and violence is OK; avoid hate words.
  7. PC Death: Roll a new PC at party level if unrecoverable.
  8. Try to stay in character. This doesn't mean doing voices (which are fine) - it means things you say will be taken as being said by your character and that the people I play with generally appreciate the roleplay element to keep the game flowing and fun. Keep memes and OOC stuff out of the roll20 chat - use discord channel instead.
  9. Communicate absences in advance when possible - be respectful of the time commitments made by fellow players. I understand life happens and I don't fault people for missing a game here and there. For campaigns I'll post the schedule for several weeks in advance to help you plan.
  10. No PVP unless it makes good sense.
  11. Make PCs that want to be part of a team (even if for devious reasons).
  12. Some games may have evil parties by group agreement, but there's limits at the GM's discretion (for example: no extended torture, but using violence to obtain information might be fine). Even evil parties should generally work together; a rising tide floats all boats.
  13. Typical session length: 3-4 hours with a 10-15 minute-break. If you need a break or need to end early, no problem! Just ask.
  14. Wait your turn and don't talk over others. If you have a noisy environment please mute mic when not speaking. If you need to say something urgently please just politely ask "may I interrupt?" or send message in chat/channel.
  15. No streaming our sessions without prior permission from the GM and entire group. I won't give any warnings for this - it's a permaban if you are caught. I want my games to feel like a safe space to unwind and have fun and kill some damn monsters already!
  16. No donations please, but if you feel moved to philanthropy, give a young person you know a book and get them into the hobby!


  • Offline roleplay can be a fun way to interact with other characters and get more info/lore/personal quests, especially during downtimes. It's optional but encouraged! I typically make a channel for this.
  • Shadowdark sheet - I created the Shadowdark-Unofficial community character sheet which you can find in the roll20 GitHub. If you find bugs or have feedback you can drop me a message in the Arcane Library server (check back of book for it) in the roll20 character sheet channel.
  • Support content creators!! They're a strong part of what makes the hobby great!
  • Thank you! For checking out my profile, or for playing in my games, or for being part of roll20 and the RPG community! You rock!
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Call of Cthulhu ( Any Edition ), D&D 5E, Lasers and Feelings, Palladium Games, Shadowrun ( Any Edition )