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t Member since 04/12/20 \/ G GM of 44 games \/ 18079 Hours Played \/ 694 Forum Posts

I started roleplaying when I was at Polytechnic over 30 years ago and have been doing so pretty much ever since. I very quickly found I enjoyed creating my own scenarios rather than running prewrittens and soon took to the role of GM. When I started female gamers weren't that common, female GMs even less so, fortunately that has changed a bit over the years.

Since I started I have played and run a lot of different games. D&D 1st to 4th edition, my main group tried 5th and felt it was a step backwards after what we felt were improvements made in 4th. 13th Age, another fantasy game which manages to be similar, yet different to 4th ed D&D. Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, 7th Sea 1st Ed, Stormbringer, Call of Cthulhu, Dark Conspiracy, Supernatural, Shadowrun, Vampire the Masquerade, Werewolf the Apocalypse, to name the few I can think of straight off the top of my head. Until the start of this year everything was run sat around a table using pen and paper options, then Covid 19 struck and the group couldn't get together. Someone in my WoW guild mentioned Roll20 so I decided to take a look. After much trial and error and a steep learning curve, and a long suffering husband willing to test out games and macros with me I decided I was ready to start running the main game on line for my group. Now that has been going well for a couple of months I feel I can think about running games for other people.

I'm self employed making items to sell at craft fairs, unfortunately virtually all fairs have had to be cancelled this year and my incentive to make things has waned, so much of my time has been put to doing other things, including Roll20. It does however mean I am free to arrange my time as I want and I feel I could fit in another game during the week on an afternoon.

Roll20 has also prompted me to do something I never thought I would, coding. Recently I finished the Codecademy HTML course, and I've just started on the CSS course. I'm taking it slowly, trying to make sure I understand what I am doing with it, but eventually I intend to upgrade to a Pro account and possibly try and create character sheets for games I want to run that don't have them available yet. Its a long term goal, so for now I use what is available.

Enjoys Playing
13th Age RPG, Call of Cthulhu ( Any Edition ), D&D 4E, World of Darkness ( Vampire, Werewolf, Mage... )