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t Member since 10/28/14 \/ G GM of 13 games \/ 4621 Hours Played \/ 18 Forum Posts

I'm Heidi! I've been DMing since July of 2016 and playing since January of 2015, all 5e, but I have some experience with 3.5. I DM a weekly game on Tuesdays, play one on Thursdays, and would probably play more if my job wouldn't fire me! I'm also an aspiring author in the querying phase of her first novel.

For some reason I'm all about that (mostly) planetouched caster life. My children so far include:
1. Lana, the half-elf Harper illusionist who infiltrated a cult just because they were killing her colleagues;
2. Izolda, the tiefling warlock whose moms disappeared when she was six and she's spent her time low key looking for them;
3. Arevik, the fire genasi bard, a rebel leader and fugitive from the empire she tried to overthrow;
4. Zenzi, a halfling aasimar paladin of Bahamut;
5. Astraia, an earth genasi paladin deity of law, protection, civilization, and now medicine and peace;
6. Lýra, a maenad mystic;
7. a gnome druid with a riding dog companion (3.5);
8. a xeph soulknife duelist (also 3.5).

I've also played myself (bard) in a level 20 one-shot, an aarakocra paladin, an air genasi gunslinger, an earth genasi barbarian and, in an odd turn of events, a kobold artificer and a kobold conjuration wizard, all in 5e oneshots.

All I know is that I love RP, a good story, doing this with friends, and awaiting the inevitable intervention my family will one day perform.

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