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t Member since 09/05/20 \/ G GM of 1 games \/ 4079 Hours Played \/ 114 Forum Posts

Hello everyone, my Name is Caffee but you already knew 21 years old and have been playing D&D for almost 7 years now, i have experiance in DMing and Theater back when i was in school.

i also have Streaming experiance in the form of a couple episodes on a long running campagin (that didn't work out because i came in towards the tail end and the dynamics were already established and was hard to slot into), as well as a few one shots here and there

I have played most TTRPG systems, including but not limited to Pathfinder, 7th age, Starwars RPG, 7th sea, and CoC, as my perents used to run a board gaming store, but i haven't played most of them in quite awhile (4+ years) so don't expect me to know them off by heart or anything ha ha

apart from that im a huge neard in general, and love all things pop-culture, my favriotes being most Action based Manga (like DBZ), high tempo songs and belive it or not Cheesy romance novels (i do like a good adventure though)

As for how i like to play, im a bit of a mix between story teller and tactisian, meaing that while i love a good story and will whole heartedly get into any character im playing (including but not limited to a character voice, and indepth backstory that i create with the DM) when i get into Combat my FE brain takes over and i can see all the tactics i could do, which ones would make the most sense for my character, and which ones feel right in the moment

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