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t Member since 02/14/15 \/ G GM of 23 games \/ 14821 Hours Played \/ 134 Forum Posts

I'm experienced with DnD, and looking to try out other game systems as well as more DnD games.
I think myself as a mediocre roleplayer, but I'm always trying to get better at it.

Hello, my birth name's Tiago, but I prefer to be called Sarah as I'm a male-to-female transgender. To avoid any confusions, you're better off just calling me Nyss. I haven't had any operation or treatment, so I do sound male. I prefer being treated as a "she", but I don't really care whether you treat me by "he", "she" or "they", so don't worry about calling me "the wrong thing".

Now that that's out of the way, I've started playing D&D 5e on December 2015 after a few years watching roleplaying games on YouTube and Twitch. I've been playing D&D 5e since then, but I'm always open to try new game rules, provided that the setting attracts me.

I still think of myself as a mediocre roleplayer, and I tend to be a bit quiet for the first few sessions, but I'm always trying my best to change that. It's hard to change my own nature though, so please bear with me.

The games in my "Actively Seeking Group For" list aren't necessarily games that I played before, but games that I may have some interest in trying out.

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D&D 5E
Actively Seeking Group For
Anima: Beyond Fantasy, Anime Campaign, Ars Magica, Burning Wheel, Cypher System Games ( Numenera, The Strange... ), D&D 5E, Pokemon ( Tabletop United, Adventure ), Zweihänder Grim & Perilous