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Dan The Man

t Member since 12/16/20 \/ G GM of 12 games \/ 474 Hours Played \/ 12 Forum Posts

Been rollin' the polyhedrals since the 70's. Started out with 3-little-books-in-a-box D&D, then Basic, AD&D, The Fantasy Trip (TFT), Space Opera, Gamma World, Chill, James Bond RPG, a whole lot of wargames (Metagaming, SJG, TFG, etc.), Traveller, and even used to be a big fan of Starfleet Battles. So many RPG systems over the years. I even played some GURPS and Paranoia (that was always a lesson in chaos!). I've been a player, referee, DM, GM, and so forth. I enjoy being on either side of the referee screen. 😀

Enjoys Playing
D&D 5E