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t Member since 12/07/12 \/ G GM of 1 games \/ 2862 Hours Played \/ 84 Forum Posts

I've been into tabletop games and other turn based strategy stuff for a good while, Played warhammer and DnD forever ago with some friends, and have designed and tested a few of my own games based on the concepts I liked from other things I've seen.

Currently I'm working on my own game, a d20 system similar in many ways to DnD 3.5e, it's sci fi themed, and built in a story universe I've been working on for well over a decade.

when it comes to roll20, I've played in one game here and DM'ed 3, one 3.5 epic level, 2 of my game, and I'm currently still running game #3, I like more realistic sci fi with proper explanations, role playing, combat and am not afraid of extremely graphic descriptions when it comes to combat, or otherwise.

I'm a highly detailed mapper, and enjoy using dynamic lighting for line of sight, as you can see from my achievements, I spend a lot of time working on maps and scenarios, and try to tailor tokens to character designs, so far my players seem to enjoy the effort and depth I put into both my gameplay features and storylines.

I like to meet new players who have some experience under their belts, and aren't scared off by mature situations and graphic descriptions of violence, not to mention some morbid stuff placed on the maps.

I tend to design my own species for use in my system as well, and I've got a good bit of imagination when it comes to their traits and designs too. currently my base SRD is in beta, nearing completion, and two supplemental books are in varying stages of completion, with a large encyclopedia of the cannon planned out.

I guess if this stuff sounds interesting, give me a PM.