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Carson M.

t Member since 03/10/15 \/ G GM of 69 games \/ 7565 Hours Played \/ 3 Forum Posts

Ladies, gentlemen, and friends from beyond the binary—well met, and a pleasure to meet indeed! As you step inside, do please leave your boots at the door. All settled in? Then come, and picture with me the following…

A group of four, clad in the colors of their order and armed with weapons of the Old World. They tread with caution through the decrepit remains of a once-proud public library—best to be wary of the new librarians. Or instead, imagine this—a devil-horned man and an angel-winged woman ready their suppressed handguns, stack up on either side of a door, and nod beneath the flickering fluorescent light. The point of no return is nigh—if the gods won’t act, they’ll handle it themselves. Or picture yet again—pandemonium! The lich-king has won, and skeleton warriors run amok in the streets! There’s no stopping them now—how will you survive?

These unique worlds and more await at my table. See my games and player testimonials here!

Enjoys Playing
Blades in the Dark, D&D 5E