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Kamon S.

t Member since 01/03/21 \/ G GM of 17 games \/ 3139 Hours Played \/ 43 Forum Posts

My name is Kamon and I'm currently a professional DM who's been honing my craft for over a decade. I started out with 2nd Edition AD&D, and have since played and DM'd 3.5, 5e, as well as GM'd all the White Wolf games, Mothership, Pathfinder 1e, and a smattering of others. TTRPGs are my passion, and I'm hoping to make a career of sharing my passion with others! I've mastered Dynamic Lightning and have a good grasp of API's and macros to streamline the playing experience and bring my worlds to life. I do use a bit of homebrew, but it's largely optional and only meant to speed up combat and bring more flavor into the game. Anything I implement is up to player discretion, because at the end of the day we do this to have fun, and I work my hardest to facilitate that fun. Additionally, I do a plethora of voices and some sound effects to enhance the experience. I'm always learning and trying new stuff, so my games will only get better as time progresses. If you'd like references, I have a good list of people who will vouch for my professionalism, ability to immerse my players in the world, and proficiency with Roll20.

BIG NEWS!!! I have my own server now where I have consolidated all my incredible players who make the games I run possible. If you'd like an invite, even if you don't have a group yet, I'd love for you to come join us! :D

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